Saturday, February 20, 2010

State DEX Competition

So this semester I'm taking a Sales class and a Marketing class. Both of my teachers told our class that if we joined the club DEX (Delta Epsilon Chi, which is a global college Marketing club) and if we participated in the state competition we would be able to skip the final and the big paper at the end of semester. I thought it was a no brainer to go and compete, I really didn't even care about it at all. So the competition came closer and closer, and even though I knew what I was going to sell, I really didn't prepare any material.

I was going to sell cookies. The shortbread raspberry swirl ones that my dad and grandpa perfected not too long ago. So I get to the competition and there are a bunch of guys that are participating in the event with me. They were selling everything from flashlights to pest control to Cutco knives. I was confident in my sales skills and I was able to set up the scenario for the judges. There were 4 judges for my event and I told them that they were the owners of a European goods store. That was the setup. So it is done as a role play with the judges trying to throw objections out and seeing how well we counter them. We had 20 minutes for the presentation and frankly I killed it. I knew I had done well and was confident that I should place in the top 2.

Bre came up with me for the awards ceremony and I won 1st place! It was pretty sweet. We got a lame medal, plaque, and certificate. But we do get a free ride to the National competition. So they pay for my plane ticket, hotel, and registration for the competition which is this year in Louisville, KY. So April 17-20 I'll be close to Churchhill Downs to compete against the rest of the country. Maybe I'll throw down a few bucks on a horse or two. Wish me luck!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Mack and I had a low key Valentine's Day. I had to give a talk in fun. But we had gotten gifts for each other a couple weeks ago because we bought them online and they were mailed pretty quick. I got Mack a shirt and he got me a watch. He also got me some flowers and chocolates, but I think the chocolate was partly for himself too.

A week ago he said that he had an awesome idea for another present for me and he said he got it at Walgreens. I had no idea what he would've gotten me there.

It wasn't a sweater. It wasn't a blanket. It was BOTH! A SNUGGIE! And it was a special collegiate one too. (Notice the BYU on it?) Haha. We have poked fun at these in the past, but really it was a perfect gift for me. I'm always cold so I get a blanket, but I'm always doing homework so I have to drape the blanket on my back and then the front of me is cold. Such a dilemma. Anyways, Mack knew my blanket needs and got me this awesome gift.

Thanks Mack!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Using A Bud Vase

This week in my floral class we made arrangements in little bud vases. Bud vases are those little vases with like an inch diamter for the opening. I was pretty suprised that I could fit this much in that little vase. The object is to have a focal flower, I chose a Gerber daisy, and then to have some foliage and filler flowers around it.

I love the Snapdragon in the back. It is the one with pink flowers and the top is pointing to the right. Snapdragons are geotropic flowers which means they point away from gravity. These had been laying in a box during shipping so the tops of them turn 90 degrees in the box so they face away from the earth. I liked that it curved, but now it is standing straight up because it's no longer on its side.

It's kind of an assymetrical design. Those are easier to do, becuase you can just stick anything anywhere and be done with it. Next week is boutineers.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tips From A Florist

I am taking a floral design class and just about every week we have a lab where we put together a flower arrangment. Last week was our first lab and we learned how to wrap flowers in tissue paper and stuff. This was my bouquet. It's not the prettiest thing in the world, but hey it was my first time. I had a rose, some carnations, some daisies, button mums, and some salal.

It has been fun learning flower names and foliage. I though I'd share some flower tips that I've picked up because Valentine's Day is coming up and most likely someone will be getting some flowers.

Tip #1: When cutting flowers before putting in vase, get a bowl of warm water and put the ends of the stems in that while you cut it. It helps to keep air out of the stem so it soaks up more water.

Tip #2: Cut the stems at an angle and not with scissors. Scissors just squish the stem and it makes it harder to soak up water. Its best to use a knife, floral clippers, or sheers.

Tip #3: USE THE FLOWER FOOD IT COMES WITH! I would always throw it away because I didn't think it was necessary, but it actually works and makes your flowers last at least a week longer.

Tip #4: Use warm water in vase and clean out the water every couple of days so that the bacteria in the vase doesn't kill your flowers.

I have tons more tips so the next time I have my floral lab I'll show you what I made and tell you some secrets of the floral industry.