Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No we are not dead

Well actually I, Breana, am not dead. Mack might be after this week. We have not been updating our blog on a regular basis because we have hit the middle of the semester with billions of papers, tests, and assignments due. Major wedding planning has been also going on, not to mention my mother is here visiting, my sister has a new baby, Mack is working from 2 a.m. to 9 a.m this week for one job, starting a new job, and has a shift up at cirque...and going to school. These all play into the fact that there hasn't been much time left for blogging. I think by the end of the week Mack might keel over and die of exhaustion. Until then, we are alive and still kicking. We are so looking forward to Halloween for a a little break though.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

An unusual day

Well today was not an ordinary Sunday for Mack and I. A usual Sunday consists of church in Provo, lots of homework all day, dinner with the Bakkers, and then homeowork the rest of the night. But today was a fun day, for me especially... I had a ton of homework but I decided to stay up really late on Saturday and do it so I could spend more time with Mack. We watched conference...well I watched conference while Mack dozed through it. Ok, ok I may have taken a 5 minute nap.
Look at Mack's big white feet...hehe
I look tired or drunk or straight up busted(above)....Anywho. This was also a special Sunday for me because Mack let me go to town. I have this weird obsession of plucking things with tweezers. I love to pluck my eyebrows and others and sometimes I can convince Mack to let me tweeze some of his chest hair. Well today he let me pluck some white hairs out of his head!!! Don't worry he said it didn't hurt.
I am no stranger to white hairs myself, but Mack was pretty surprised about how many I found on his head. He wanted to take a picture with them. To my disappoinment he didn't have a lot.

What a day...general conference and plucking hairs. :D