Saturday, August 20, 2011

Awesome day at the zoo

Thanks to St. Mark's hospital, we got the Hogle Zoo all to ourselves... And 1000 other people. It was a pretty eventful zoo day. We were in the gorilla cage and people were saying nothing was in the cage and that they were probably outside. So we were heading out when out of the corner of my eye I see this flash if black behind the glass and hear a pounding noise. The gorilla came charging out of his hiding place and started banging in the glass to get our attention. I was so scared. I actually thought that it was some zoo worker dressed as a gorilla because I couldnt believe a gorilla would do that. It looked so big and scary. It was so freaky. Later in the night we went to see the tigers. We got to see two tigers swimming and then another two fighting and growling at eachother. Some thought the male wanted to mate and the girl wasn't having it. It was cool to see them active instead of just lying there like they usually do.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Look at this sweet Pocahontas painting that was on the back of a truck.  
I can post things from my phone now!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Well Hellloooooo

We basically figured out that neither of us like to blog, but just like to read other peoples blogs. But maybe we will attempt it again since I know all five of you miss my writing.  So there has been a little bit of news in our lives, Bre found a new job that doesn't involve discrimination and harassment.  She now works for the Catholic Church.  With Pope Benedict XVI being her new boss, she has to replace her wedding ring with a ring that has a cross on it as well as a very prominent cross necklace, you know, the statement necklaces.  She actually really loves wearing them so much that she continues to wear them in her off hours.  All kidding aside, this is the best job I could ever imagine for her.  I am SO proud of what she has done.  She is essentially a social worker, helping homeless individuals find housing.  There is also a gigantic food bank that supplies great food everyday on a first come first serve basis.  She's got some pretty good stories that I don't know the details to so I won't attempt to tell them.  Her hours are set at 7:30-4:00 Monday-Friday, no weekends, paid holidays, and around 20 paid vacation days a year.  So its just a bit of a difference from a junk pile of a restaurant.  We thought it would kinda suck that she wouldn't get free food anymore like she did at brick oven, especially not being able to get the pasta she loves so dearly. Buuuuuuuttt, since it is a food bank, she is allowed to pick two items per day.  They have everything from chicken ceasar salad to donuts.  Pretty good deal.  So far she loves it and I don't think that's going to change because this is a job that is right up her alley with a psych degree.

     I am basically doing the same old same old.  Taking a few classes this summer, Business Ethics and Principles of Supervision, and some other dinky class.  Still breaking my back working for the corporate man.  I basically spend my time doing homework, searching for things to eat (as seen in my nice gut), reading, and training my bonsai trees.  I got a couple new ones by the way, a Chinese Elm that is 12 years old, and a Green Mound Juniper that is around 3 years old.  I don't know why, but I really love to do it.  My dad is a huge green thumb, if any of you have been to his backyard, you can see this.  My grandma also has the bug, she also has the most beautiful backyard I have ever seen.  My uncle owns a nursery in Las Vegas and I feel that I may have caught the same bug in a smaller way.  I find it incredibly relaxing and it is something that I can do for the rest of my life and never learn all there is to learn.

 I was driving by the DownEast Outfitters that is about half a mile from our house and saw that they were having a tent sale.  I thought I would stop in just to see what was there.  I have been discreetly looking for a nice reading chair and so I thought maybe they had something.  Did they ever!  I found a chair that is a little deeper than most, so it fits a tall person really well, and its also big enough that Bre curls up like the cat that she wants to be and is quite comfortable.  It was a little dirty and had a few spots on it but there was nothing else wrong with it at all.  I thought that it had to be expensive and I looked at the tag and I was right...they were selling if for $600.  Well, since that is basically our rent there is no way I was getting it.  But then I saw the other tag that was tucked into the cushion. Well well...I picked it up and saw that it had been continuously marked down until I was able to pay..$50 for it.  Yeah, I pulled the trigger.  Now I just had to find a truck to get it home....we have that little Jetta and there was no way I could put it on top.  So I was driving up our street looking in driveways for pickup trucks and finally found one.  So I went and knocked on the door and woke up this guy from a nap and explained the sitch and he was willing to do pick it up for me.  What a good Samaritan.  I tried to pay the guy $10 (it was literally less than half a mile round trip) but he wouldn't take it.  We set it up by the window and it is Bre's new favorite spot to sit in the whole house.  I don't even get to sit in it when we are together because she muscles me out of it.   When I got it home, I called a carpet cleaner to come over and clean it.  It looks brand new.  I was pretty happy about that and I know Bre was.

So I was at my parents house and I remembered that there were a few newspaper articles that were done on myself during my high school basketball career.  I was always proud of them.  My mom of course had like 20 copies of the original papers that she bought so she could hand them out on the street corners and so I wanted to get them for myself.  They were both pretty good sized and I wanted to cut them out and frame them so they wouldn't get ruined.  I even told Bre that I would let her put it right above her desk but she told me she'd rather have it on the front door.  I thought that was a little much but I still want them framed.  Cherie agreed with Bre and thought it was the coolest idea in the world and said that she would even come up here to hang it for me.  Uhhh no, they both hated the idea of framing them and thought it was vain.  Sooo I think I'm going to do it anyway.  All of the guests who come to the house will thank me later.

                                                                                     Just sharing a cover with Tiger, no biggie      

Bre and I went to the Gateway about a month ago and stopped by Anthropologie to look at all of the ridiculously overpriced clothing and housewares.  As we were looking around I managed to catch a glimpse of some key hangers that were on the sale table.  They are awesome!  Its no secret that if we ever get a dog that we are getting a French Bulldog.  We both love them.  So I pick up the key hanger and it is probably the coolest one I have ever seen. They were only $2 each, so we got three of them.

              Oh, and I grew a mustache.              
                Until next year, Mahalo