Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The First Vegetarian Wolf

Mack here, just thought I'd update ya with the ongoings of our wolf pack.  Generally things are going pretty well.  Bre is doing SO well with her job.  She is definitely in the waiting for the next management spot that becomes available.  She has quickly found out the REAL job of people in managerial positions: putting out fires.  She comes home exhausted from all of the problems of the employees and customers.  The saving grace she says, is the fact that she can now tell people to do something and they will do it.  Hahaha! Our little 5', 94 lb, Breana bossing everyone around.  Wait, whats new?

School and work have been overly hectic for me and I feel like I'm going insane.  I've got to slow it down a little bit and focus on whats more important: school.  So even though I have a great job, I've decided with my manager to step down for the time being and focus on my schooling while keeping an eye on a return to the field.  I think its for the best.  Though it was nice to have a dual income for that whole month that we had it, we've returned to our low income roots.  I'll be trying to find a job that doesn't require full time hours like my job at Medsource did, and that is also flexible with school.  (along with EVERYONE else in the world)

Thats all for now, and you are more likely to see the alpha male blogging more and more since I'll be the one that has more time and is jobless.  Oh yeah, I'm still very vegetarian.  Here is a picture of my lunch to prove it:

Salad, Broccoli, Brown Rice, Cottage Cheese
(you throw enough Cholula on the broccoli and its edible.)

These are a couple pictures I took with my iPhone that I thought were pretty cool, they also happen to be of some of my favorite people.  The top one is of my sis Cherie and niece Tess and the bottom is of sis Nikki.