Thursday, December 4, 2008

Laid Up

So for the third time I have had a knee operation. I've been laid up the last few days but I've still had to go out to school and do some other stuff but other than that I've been on my bed. It feels to me that Doctor Cooley fixed me up pretty good. There was a lot of damage inside there next to my kneecap and he said he fixed it. So I'll be concentrating on rehabbing my leg for the next few weeks. This couldn't have come at a worse time seeing that we're getting married in 2 weeks but hopefully I'll be able to walk around by that time.

School has been going well for me. It's been really easy so I've been happy. Bre's classes are ridiculously difficult and I feel really bad for her cause she always has tons of homework. But thats what you get when you are in upper division classes and only a year away from graduating. I'll get there eventually...I'm in no rush.

Thanksgiving was ok. I had to work so that sucked, but Bre had a good time up at Nikki's house (her sister). Bre also had her Wedding shower this last saturday and it was good for all of the family to get together for her. Everybody was so so so generous and they gave us so much stuff for us to use in our new place! It was really humbling to get it all. We're excited to finally move in together and be married and have our own place and never have to leave each other at night! Thats probably going to be my favorite thing about being married. Not having to say goodbye to her at night. Its the worst when you are all tired at the end of the night and you have to DRIVE forever to get home. Anyway, only 16 days left and were counting the hours down!