Friday, April 24, 2009

Thats Right...21

My 21st birthday was on the 13th of April, so to celebrate Mack and I had the idea to go eat at a tempanyaki restaurant. It was so fun.

My sister Nikki and her family got to come. The chef does this thing where he throws shrimp up for everyone to catch it and when it got to Davis's turn he wanted to do it. I think we were all wondering how this would work. The chef cut the shrimp in half so it was this little piece and Davis was ready with his mouth open and the chef just flung the piece of shrimp at him and it went right in his mouth and landed on his tongue. It was so funny. Davis was just as surprised as anyone.

Cherie and my friends Cody, Lisa, and Devy celebrated with me too. It was a great birthday.